The following activities are scheduled on a weekly basis starting in September.

Les prochaines activités sont en cours dés que le mois de Septembre. Veuillez nous contacter et on vous rappelle aussi tôt que possible,.  613. 678. 2627

Please contact us at Creating Centre for more details. Leave your name and phone number and subject of interest at 613. 678. 2627. We will refer your call to the contact you request and they will get back to you shortly. Thanks so much for your interest.


Music with Alice. Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, La musique avec Alice

Art lessons and camps with Stephanie Pete – Art and Dream Studio –

Nathalie Frenière – Painting lessons for Adults  – Cours de peinture pour adultes

Bridge – Doreen Howes

VKH Fiddlers – Samme Putzel

Moms and Tots – Charlotte Winchester

Crafters Group – Tania Price

Free Café and Chat – VKH Foodbank

Overeaters Anonymous – Dorit Perlin


Wee Irish Fest – Sunday, March 19, 2023. 1 – 4 p.m.

We are celebrating the luck o’ the Irish.

Join us at Creating Centre. Venez nous rejoindre au Centre de créativité …une célébration de tous qui est Irlandais.

Dress in Green. Venez habillé en tous qui est vert. For dancing, music and laughter.

13hr – 16 hr –  11 High / Hwy 34, Vankleek Hill, ON.  Pour plus de renseignements:  613-678-2627. Nous vous rappellerons sous peu.

Press Release – October 14, 2021


Vankleek Hill– Thursday, October 14, 2021

Community Arts Public Consultations to be Held in November to Discuss a Possible Artists in Residence Project in Vankleek Hill

Excellent Events, has recently been awarded a grant by the Community Innovation Grant Program granted by the Prescott and Russell Community Services. The purpose of the grant is to consult with the community to learn how an artists in residence program to possibly be held on the second floor of Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre could add to the active art community of Champlain Township. Starting in November, artists, art lovers and all those interested will be invited to attend in person and virtual consultations to discuss what innovative shape the artists in residence project could take to compliment the bustling cultural activities of Champlain Township.

Nathalie Ladouceur, who initiated this pilot project, working with Excellent Events expressed how excited she is at the endless possibilities of this new project for the community:

“We’re really looking forward to hearing what ideas the art community and residents of Champlain Township and surrounding areas will bring to the consultations. It’s important to us that the community feels that this vision is theirs to co-create. There are many ways in which artists of all disciplines can come work and create with this rich artistic community, a legacy inspired over 40 years by Phil Arber. We hope that this project will generate interest in artists and art lovers alike to come discuss how an artists in residence program can add to the cultural tapestry of Vankleek Hill, Champlain Township and even Prescott and Russell at large.”

A series of bilingual public consultations will be held in person at the Creating Centre de Créativité at 11 High Street in Vankleek Hill, and virtually via Zoom in November. An online survey will also be circulated in late November to validate the information gathered by the consultations. Those wishing to attend one of the four consultations are asked to sign up via the online form:

Consultation schedule:
Monday, November 1, 2021: 6:30pm (English, virtual)
Wednesday, November 3, 2021: 6:30 pm (French, in person)
Monday, November 8, 2021: 6:30pm (French, virtual)
Wednesday, November 10, 2021: 6:30pm (English, in person)

Excellent Events wishes to recognize that this pilot project is funded by the Ontario Social Services Relief Fund and led by Prescott-Russell Community Services in partnership with United Way East Ontario and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.


Creating Centre Joins Excellent Events to celebrate May Show Festival 2020

2020 Events

May Show Festival 2020 Continues with Community Spirit

Festival de mai 2020 continue dans l’esprit du communauté


May Show Festival 2020 continues with VKH Community Spirit

Very Dear Friends of Excellent Events:

Spring is bursting all around us. All winter long we have waited in anticipation of celebrating the May Show Festival with it colourful traditions, highlighted throughout the village of Vankleek Hill for the past 40 years.

Phil Arber never let limitations get in his way of creating a spirit of community in Vankleek Hill. He used to invite us to gather together, to celebrate artistic talents in a multitude of expression. This year, we carry on his spirit by adapting to this new world of humanity, where community surpasses space, distance and time in unusual ways.

For this year’s  May Show Festival 2020, in view of the extraordinary events unfolding world-wide, instead of cancelling or postponing the Festival, we are passing the tradition on to you.

Rather than celebrating creativity by gathering together in the streets, Excellent Events invites you to create your own festivities in the safety of your homes,  Practice joy, art, music, dancing, making handicrafts, and eating delicious food.  Plant flowers, build sculptures, bake butter tarts, make music, dance and sing. Follow your whims in creative spirit. Then, on Facebook and your favourite social media apps , Link, Tag, Like, Share, Emoji, Love…

Think of your favourite performers, those who would have been on Stage May 17:. 50 Proof, Lise Pearl Dancers, 4 H Square Dancers, Georgia Petit Flamenco Family, Voix La, the VKH Old Tyme Fiddlers, Frank, the Sound Guy, and Bobby Lalonde Music.  Think of your favourite artists and crafts people who would line the streets with their imaginative wares. Think of the delicious food, your favourite treats, butter tarts, ice cream, coffee, and delicacies of all sorts. Remember the Children’s Parade with Hannah and her drummers leading the way, the Wonderful Hat Contest, the painted Chairs, and Susan Jephcott’s Three Owls Studio exhibitions. The restaurants, galleries, shops and street decor.

Then, on May17, do something special to celebrate our community in the spirit of joy, togetherness and new possibilities.  In the face of overwhelming social challenges, there is no better year to carry on this tradition.

Be well, safe and celebrate Joy.

Samme Putzel,

Excellent Events

Le Festival de mai se manifeste à travers l’esprit communautaire de VKH

Chers amis d’Excellent Events :

Le printemps est arrivé! Tout l’hiver nous avons attendu avec anticipation de célébrer le Festival de mai avec ses traditions colorées surlignées à travers le village de Vankleek Hill depuis déjà 40 ans.

Phil Arber n’a jamais accepté qu’il y eu des limites à l’esprit communautaire de Vankleek Hill. Il nous encourageait à nous rencontrer pour célébrer nos talents artistiques. Cette année, en son honneur, nous nous adaptons à notre réalité où la communauté dépasse au-delà de l’espace, la distance, et le temps.

Au lieu d’annuler ou remettre à plus tard le Festival de mai 2020, nous vous demandons plutôt de prendre la relève.

Au lieu de célébrer la créativité en se rencontrant sur la rue, nous vous proposons de créer vos propres festivités au sein de votre chez-soi. Pratiquez la joie, l’art, la musique, la danse, les arts plastiques et la dégustation de vos mets favoris. Plantez des fleurs, bâtissez des sculptures, faites des tartes, de la musique, de la danse et chantez. Ensuite, partagez votre créativité sur Facebook et vos apps préférés.

Pensez à vos interprètes préférés, ceux qui auraient été sur scène le 17 mai, 2020. Il s’agit bien sûr de : 50 Proof, Lise Pearl Dancers, 4 H Square Dancers, Georgia Petit Flamenco Family, Voix Là, The VKH Old Tyme Fiddlers, Frank, the Sound Guy, et Bobby Lalonde Musique. Pensez à vos artistes préférés qui auraient étaient sur la rue avec leurs marchandises imaginatives. Pensez à vos délices préférés, aux tartes au beurre, crèmes glacées, cafés,  et gourmandises de tous genres. Souvenez-vous de la parade des enfants avec Hanna et ses batteurs, le concours du meilleur chapeau, des chaises peintes et des expositions dans la gallérie de Susan Jephcott, Three Owls Studio. Pensez aux restaurants, magasins et décors.

Ensuite, le 17 mai, faites quelque chose de spécial pour célébrer notre communauté dans l’esprit de la joie, l’unité et des possibilités à venir. Il n’y a pas de meilleur moment pour prendre la relève.

Soyez heureux, et célébrez avec nous,

Samme Putzel,

Excellent Events


Janie Renée et son jazz quartet en practique




VANKLEEK HILL- The concert by Janie Renée Myner on Saturday evening, October 19,2019, at Creating Centre de créativité was an extraordinary example of a “small town girl” who has become successful world-wide without forgetting her home-town roots.

The performance featured orginal lyrics and jazz music by Janie and her jazz quartet as the debut for her third CD recording entitled “#jesuisUFO” (I am Une Franco Ontarienne).

Through her unique musical style, her robust voice, and her passionate lyrics, Janie proclaims to all who will listen, who she is, without apology: proud to be a female with Franco Ontario roots, In her own maternal language, through her femininity, with a unique blend of soft fragility and intense determination, Janie inspires her audience to ponder the value of their own origins. She evokes feelings of personal loneliness, unabashed pride, sadness for the sorrows and losses of her people, both Francophones and Indigenous peoples of Canada. Courageously she bares her soul and defies anyone to challenge her resolve to be proud of her heritage and her gift for musical expression.

Those who attended the concert are richer for Janie’s gift of music, song, and laughter, through a performance of creative expression in its purest form.