Creating Enterprise Cooperative

Thoughts on Creating Enterprise Cooperative (name still in transition):

1. Not a non – profit but a sustainable social enterprise.
a. Humans investing in themselves
b. Finding their creative talents
c. Enabling them to thrive

2. Investing in Cooperative to build a better world.
3. Concepts: Networking Believers in change with creative inspiration
4. Sustainable: No benefactors – Investors who take pride in using wealth in a positive, sustainable world
5. Finding “wasted” unrecognized human talent and unleashing their potential.
6. Synergy builds strength beyond simple mathematics.
7. Participants will be inspired if they have vested interest. They need the opportunity to be involved in decision making, in return on their investment.
8. Options for involvement:
Opportunity for Venture Capital investing – start of I.P.O.
Opportunity for membership in cooperative resources
Newsletter and online presence to keep stake holders informed
Certain talents can be hired as employees