Welcome to the Creating Centre de créativité. Proudly located at the centre of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. The Centre is dedicated to promoting creativity in all genres: from art to music, drama to dance, culinary arts to philosophy, writing to contemplation…the list is as long as the human imagination. We have plans for classes, clubs, groups, studio space and much more but we will need your help. In the coming months we will be eagerly pursuing your feedback, ideas, thoughts and dreams for this centre. We wish to be a place for all of use to produce, practice, improve, share, and promote our skills and talents. Please get connected and join us on our adventure. Let’s create something together at the Creating Centre de créativité.

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The Team

                                                   Samme Putzel 

Shares her love of community, environment, history and people through many local involvements and activities. Her career has followed intriguing directions, from farmer to artist, author, event organizer and,currently, director of Excellent Events Vankleek Hill and the new Creating Centre de créativité.

“Life is about sharing what we love and cherish, so that we all benefit through creating a better world. The Creating Centre de créativité is about living our stories, experiencing and sharing our dreams come true.”

Samme continues the work of her late partner, Phil Arber, who worked more than 45 years for the betterment of the Vankleek Hill Village community and the area nearby.

Many volunteers help to make  Creating Centre de créativité  a welcoming and inclusive space.The list of friends of the Centre is growing daily. To mention a few:

Tania helps with decor and housekeeping. Dorit welcomes friends at the café and special events. Margaret and her husband maintain the Philip Arber Memorial Garden. Lis Skelly lends a hand in the garden. Alice and Stephy welcome students and visitors to their lessons. The Craft Club members contribute to the cheerful and welcoming spirit of the Centre. Laura Lea opens the doors to new ideas.

Thanks to all who contribute to helping our dreams come true for us all.

Merci à tous qui contribuent au Centre de créativité et qui nous aident à créer un atmosphère de bienvenue et inclusif.
Rosemary & Reg Harden
Tania Price & Guy Deschenes
Dorit Perlin
Drummond, Pierson & Meredith Fraser
Maradora & Makylan Horner
Pierre Luc Byham
Hawkesbury Hospital Foundation
Lis Skelly
Eva & Reg Levesque
Glenn Howes
Melissa Caltagirone
Janie Renée Miner
Nathalie Frenière &
Didier Chasteau
Jeff & Lucie Blezius
Jim Caputo
Martine Turpin
The Crafty Artists Group
Brunhild Schierding

Creating Centre de créativité partners with Excellent Events featuring street festivals and events throughout the year. Together they promote the friendly community of Vankleek Hill Village and the surrounding areas through celebration of arts, culture and local foods and resources, gathering people to share in joyful experiences of fun, friendliness and hospitality. 
Creating Centre de créativité and Excellent Events follow sustainable enterprise principles to attain economic equilibrium with minimal depletion of human or environmental resources. One ultimate goal is to foster inspiration and enable the realization of each individual’s potential through harmony with the planet, the environment and the future of the human race.