Janie Renée et son jazz quartet en practique




VANKLEEK HILL- The concert by Janie Renée Myner on Saturday evening, October 19,2019, at Creating Centre de créativité was an extraordinary example of a “small town girl” who has become successful world-wide without forgetting her home-town roots.

The performance featured orginal lyrics and jazz music by Janie and her jazz quartet as the debut for her third CD recording entitled “#jesuisUFO” (I am Une Franco Ontarienne).

Through her unique musical style, her robust voice, and her passionate lyrics, Janie proclaims to all who will listen, who she is, without apology: proud to be a female with Franco Ontario roots, In her own maternal language, through her femininity, with a unique blend of soft fragility and intense determination, Janie inspires her audience to ponder the value of their own origins. She evokes feelings of personal loneliness, unabashed pride, sadness for the sorrows and losses of her people, both Francophones and Indigenous peoples of Canada. Courageously she bares her soul and defies anyone to challenge her resolve to be proud of her heritage and her gift for musical expression.

Those who attended the concert are richer for Janie’s gift of music, song, and laughter, through a performance of creative expression in its purest form.


Who has the right to creativity?

Should a local art gallery have the rights to exclusivity with respect to art shows in the town?

Discussion over who owns the rights to creativity is exactly a topic Creating Centre de créativité wants to stimulate:  What is an art gallery? What is the mandate of a cultural centre? Is there a limited supply of artists to draw from, or a limited market for works of art or listeners of music? What is the best way to display art, engage the community in supporting artists, stimulate the economic benefits to artistic endeavours? Most important, is there a limited demand for creative expression or is there an infinite passion for creativity – to be tapped into, spawned, nurtured, fertilized and stimulated? What languages do we use to communicate this passion? Are we limited to English as the most common means of communication in Canada? French, as a minority language and culture dating back to the settlement of Canada? Indigenous language and creativity of the First Nations? What languages are the speech of painters, musicians, sculptors, philosophers, poets?

True, we live in a small village of 1800 residents. Are local businesses limited to exploiting only this population? Really? Especially in this era of technology and world-wide access through the Internet? In this worldly web of intricate and infinite minds, creative expression is available, literally, at our fingertips. Is there really only room for one Art Gallery in town? Why would this approach be beneficial to anyone?

The dialogue is important and must continue. All humans owe themselves the right to express their experiences. This is the gift of life on this planet; of humans, procreating, thinking, seeking to breech the gaps between atoms, molecules and the universe.

However, in our human struggle to validate our existence, we also tend to assume the right to control our environment. We simplify vision to the limits of our near-sight, in an attempt to defy mortality. …and, when we feel insecure and we sense our efforts are in vain, we tend to hold on to our limitations more tightly, attempt to control the behaviour of others, seek to rationalize how the world should revolve around ourselves and our efforts to find meaning.

The human search for Truth has the nature of an insatiable monster. To purchase one reality, we pay the expense of freedom of expression for those who may present themselves differently.

Creating Centre de créativité is a place, a space, that defies barriers and assumptions. The Centre nurtures freedom of creative expression,  in harmony, for all who come here. The Centre will not compromise these ideals to accommodate myopia.


Creating Centre de créativité is a space that nurtures harmony.

War games, re-enactments and simulations are excluded.

This policy does not deny the warlike nature of humans in history;

Rather Creating Centre de créativité is a refuge where each individual has the right and the privilege to be and to create in peace.

Simple beginnings


Music is grand

Creating Centre de créativité is proud to have a grand piano in the “Grand Hall”

Creating Centre de créativité is pleased that this piano is available for all our visitors to play. We believe that adults and children of all ages will be inspired to create music and harmony on this beautiful instrument. We like to imagine that we will be able to boast that world renowned musicians begin their musical journeys at our Centre on our exceptional piano.  

At kitchen parties and special events, the Centre encourages musicians to gather round with fiddles, guitars, and instruments of all kinds to make music together.

Human Spirit

It is the triumph of the human spirit through creativity that may save the human world from self annihilation. This is the hope of the Creating Centre concept. Utter faith in each person’s right to individuality, self expression, and discovery of the infinite potential of imagination.

I have the keys

The building now “belongs” to me. I have the keys. I am still “heady” with the dizziness and excitement but unclear how it will all roll out. I speak the theories of Socially Sustainable Enterprise but I lack the practical knowledge and vision to see how this will all happen. Continue reading

Realizing Dreams

We are embarking on a new project to inspire and enable creators of all fields to pursue and realize dreams of unique and inspiring examples of the potential of the human spirit. Based on principles of Sustainable Social Enterprize, the Creating Collective will have a permanent home in the Village of Vankleek Hill and Continue reading