Trash and Treasure Day: A Celebration of Sustainability



I’m a newcomer to Ontario, and I have always been a collector at heart, not for the monetary value of items but for the stories they carry, their beauty, and also because I’m a poet and a nostalgic person. I recently stumbled upon the concept of Trash and Treasure Day, and I am thrilled to see what marvels residents have to offer.


If you, like me, are new in town or have never heard of this, you should read a little about this event and then go check out this outdoor super-sale! 


Trash and Treasure Day, a truly unique event, has been a staple in Vankleek Hill since 2000. Unlike your typical yard sale, it’s a community-wide gathering that brings together homeowners, church groups, and organizations from the region. This event is more than just a day of buying and selling; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the community, discover treasures, and contribute to sustainability.


The idea of reusing and buying second-hand items is highly appealing. Not only does it help reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices, but it also allows us to give new life to items with sentimental value. Recycling and repurposing goods is a responsible choice and a way to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


The Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association spearheads this well-structured, community-driven initiative. Their goal is to make this day a memorable experience for all while extending its reach beyond our local community, drawing in visitors from neighbouring regions, and advocating for sustainability.


This massive yard sale offers a unique opportunity for locals to declutter their homes. The sale will start early on Saturday, June 1st, and continue through the day, rain or shine! If you look forward to joining as a vendor, contact the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association for more information at [email protected]


In addition to being a source of entertainment and nostalgia, Trash and Treasure Day reminds us of the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling in our daily lives. Whether you are a seasoned collector or looking to find something special, mark your calendars for this sustainable and community-driven event. Join in the fun, discover unique finds, and contribute to a greener future for all.