Caroline Carrière, Massage Therapist: A Journey of Passion, Healing, and Personal Growth

Caroline Carrière, better known as Caro by her loved ones and clients, has knitted a remarkable path from her early aspirations in child welfare to her current role as a massage therapist specializing in energy healing. Her story involves love and dedication to helping others, personal growth, and a dream of professional excellence.

Caro’s journey began with pursuing a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in social work at the Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. Her deeply rooted desire to work for child welfare services fueled her educational journey. After completing her studies, she dedicated eight years of her life to working with children, split between family environments and early childhood education centers.

However, fate had other plans for Caro, and three years ago, she embarked on a new path as a massage therapist, coupled with achieving her third level in energetic Reiki Usui. This transition allowed her to fulfill her passion while balancing her role as a devoted mother to two wonderful daughters.

Throughout her transformative journey, Caroline has continually invested in her professional development, undertaking various training courses in massage therapy and energy healing. Her commitment to offering quality service to her clients is evident in the diverse range of treatments she provides, including relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, cupping therapy, and Reiki Usui energy.

Caro’s dedication and passion for her craft are further exemplified in her recent training in advanced techniques such as Lipocavitation, Infratherapy, Electrostimulation, and Pressotherapy. These treatments focus on physical wellness, targeting fat reduction and cellulite elimination, and promote overall well-being by addressing stress, fatigue, pain relief, and improved circulation.

I had the opportunity to ask Caroline some questions to learn more about her work and passion. Here are some of her insights about well-being and self-care that she shared with me:


What motivated you to specialize in energy healing in massage therapy?

Life has a way of guiding us to where we are meant to be. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Despite the challenges we encounter, there is always a purpose behind our experiences.
I have always felt a deep desire to help others, and my compassionate nature led me to pursue this path. Through my experiences and personal growth journey, I have understood the importance of supporting those in need. Integrating energy healing into massage therapy allows me to address emotional wounds that may manifest as physical pain in my clients.


Is there anything you recommend for people to improve their well-being?

I believe prioritizing our well-being is vital in a society that often emphasizes productivity over self-care. There are several ways to improve our well-being. Firstly, getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial. Children should aim for 8 to 10 hours, while adults need around 7.5 hours of sleep. Maintaining a healthy diet, drinking at least 2 litres of water daily, and engaging in 20 minutes of exercise daily are essential for overall well-being. We live in a world saturated with screens and negative messages. Limiting screen time can improve attention and mood and reduce stress. Slowing down and focusing on meaningful connections, such as having family meals and conversations, is also important. Planning and preparing meals in advance can help reduce stress and create more quality time with family during the week.
Personally, I find that waking up earlier to practice self-care rituals such as Reiki, meditation, and exercise a few times a week gives me the energy and positivity I need to start my day. These practices contribute significantly to my overall well-being.


How do you incorporate energy-healing techniques into your massage sessions?

A. Before integrating energy healing techniques such as Reiki into a massage session, I always obtain the client’s consent. I do not use energy treatments in all massage therapy sessions. For new clients or those who may benefit from energy healing, I explain the process of a Reiki energy session and the potential benefits it can offer.


What are the principles behind energy healing, and how does it differ from traditional massage therapy?

Traditional massage therapy releases muscular tension to alleviate physical pain, improve mobility, and enhance circulation. On the other hand, Reiki energy healing aims to connect with an individual’s soul energy, requiring trust and respect between the practitioner and the recipient as it delves into the depths of the soul. This pure energy comes directly from the Divine Source. Combining energy healing with massage therapy can provide immense relief when necessary.


 What benefits do clients typically experience from receiving energy healing during a massage session?

Clients can experience various benefits from an energy healing session, including accelerated self-healing, increased energy, strengthened intuition, tension relief, stress reduction, emotional release, and improved symptoms of diseases. Additionally, it can enhance creativity, awareness, self-confidence, balance energies, eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, promote healing, support recovery after trauma, relieve pain, and optimize the effectiveness of medical treatments.


How do you assess and address the energy needs of each customer before starting a session?

Before every session, I emphasize to clients that I do not control the results and serve only as an intermediary between them and the Source. While a client might wish to work on specific aspects, the Source may address different issues. Ensuring clients have all the necessary information and that their questions are thoroughly answered before the session begins is essential.


One last question: how do you educate clients about energy healing and its potential impact on their well-being?

I provide each client with an information sheet detailing all aspects of a session before they decide to schedule an appointment with me. This ensures that all clients are well informed about the process and potential impacts on their well-being.


In summary, Caroline’s journey is truly inspiring for those committed to pursuing their passions, accepting change, and actively seeking personal and professional growth. Her dedication to self-improvement and exceptional care for her clients make her an extraordinary professional you would enjoy visiting.

If you’re interested in Caro’s treatments, you can check her Facebook page, CaroCarriere_Massotherapie

Contact her directly at [email protected]
or visit her at 425-B rue Principale, Grenville, QC